Administrative denial


Some requests may be denied on “administrative” grounds if the records do not exist or cannot be found after a reasonable search. A denial on administrative grounds may also occur if the record is already required to be made public within 3 months; the information is already public; or you can request the information through another statute. The failure to pay any fees required to access the records will also result in a denial on administrative grounds.


If your request does not contain enough information for the Information Officer to identify the record you want, or if your request is complicated and would involve a substantial and unreasonable interference with or disruption to the public authority’s work, you may receive an administrative denial. However, before denying your request, the Information Officer is required to offer you assistance to amend your request so that it can be processed.


Finally, most people will exercise their rights responsibly but if an individual submits a request which may, whether accidentally or intentionally, be harassing or frivolous, the PATI Act has a built-in safeguard to protect public authorities from having to deal with such requests. The head of the public authority may deny such a request on administrative grounds.