The PATI Act gives requesters a right to have the Information Commissioner conduct a review of any decision (or failure to decide) made by the head of the public authority on an internal review.

The Information Commissioner shall investigate the application and, when required, has the authority to order a record disclosed. She may also make other orders that she considers appropriate and consistent with the Act. The Information Commissioner's decision are legally enforceable in the same manner as an order of the Supreme Court.

The Information Commissioner's Decisions are published below, and do not reference the requester's identity.

Status of applications for review received, as of 30 September 2021

Total applications                               179

Pending investigations                        43

Applications pending validation          0

Closed: Decided                                   86*

Closed: Resolved (settled)                  20

Closed: Invalid                                      23

Closed: Abandoned                              7


* The number in the ‘Closed: Decided’ category does not represent the number of decisions issued. Decision 14/2019 addressed two separate, but related, cases.


Decisions under judicial review are indicated by "**" below.