The ICO Annual Return process allows the Information Commissioner to monitor public authorities’ compliance with the requirement to publish their annual PATI statistics, an Information Statement and other information, such as gazetting contracts for good or services with a total value of $50,000 or more. Public authorities may share any steps they have taken to make their information more accessible to the public.

The ICO Annual Return also enables the Information Commissioner to provide guidance to specific public authorities to bring themselves into compliance. If necessary, the Information Commissioner may exercise enforcement authority.

2022 ICO Annual Return package (dissolved public authority)
ICO 2022 Annual Return Package (FINAL)
Guidance: ICO Annual Return (Part 2 and section 58(3))

Public authorities’ submissions, about their handling of PATI requests in each calendar year, are collated by the ICO. The relevant data is reported in the Commissioner’s Annual Report, which is tabled before Parliament by 31 March each year.