The ICO prepares guidance notes that show how the Information Commissioner interprets and applies the PATI Act. They explain the ICO’s approach when reviewing decisions by public authorities. The guidance notes are not legally binding, though, as each case depends on its own facts.

Check that you are using each guidance’s updated version, as the ICO amends them from time to time.

ICO Annual Return Guidance (Nov 2023)
ICO Information Statement Guidance (March 2023)
ICO Interim Guidance - Continuity of PATI Processes Following September 2023 Cyber Security Incident
Information received in confidence exemptions (section 26)
Timeframes for providing access to records (section 14 and Part 2)
The public interest guidance (section 21)
Health or safety of individual exemption (section 22)
Commercial information exemption (section 25)
Operations of public authorities (section 30)
Disclosure prohibited by other legislation (section 37)