The PATI Act (Part 3) gives Bermudians and residents of Bermuda the right to access records held by public authorities, within the provisions of the Act, and the right to amend a record of personal information that is incomplete, incorrect or misleading. These include the rights to:

  • access non-exempt records held by public authorities;
  • have your name stay confidential when making a PATI request;
  • receive assistance from public authorities in connection with PATI requests;
  • request an incomplete, incorrect or misleading record of personal information be amended;
  • receive complete, accurate and timely decisions by public authorities;
  • receive, when asked for, an internal review by the head of the public authority and an independent review by the Information Commissioner; and
  • seek leave for judicial review of any decision by the Information Commissioner.

PATI requester has a right to an initial decision and an internal review decision by the public authority that:

  • state whether access is granted or denied for all or part of the record;
  • explain the reasons under the PATI Act for the decision; and
  • inform requesters about the rights to reviews of the decision.
Know Your Rights Under the PATI Act brochure (Portuguese)
Know Your Rights Under the PATI Act brochure (English)