PATI Act Implementation Report

Passing the PATI Act into law meant a significant culture shift for Bermuda, particularly within public authorities themselves. Reflecting this understanding, legislators included a requirement, at section 57, for the Information Commissioner to investigate and report on the operation of the Act—essentially taking stock of how well PATI has served the people of Bermuda.

The Commissioner’s March 2021 Report is the culmination of that review. It was issued to comply with section 57(1) of the PATI Act:

The Commissioner shall keep the operation of this Act under review and shall, not later than two years after this section comes into operation, carry out an investigation into practices and procedures adopted by public authorities generally for the purposes of compliance with the provisions of this Act.

Information Commissioner's Report and Recommendations on Implementation of the Public Access to Information Act 2010
Appendix 1 Bermuda: Analysis of the Public Access to Information Act 2010 (March 2019)
Appendix 2 Findings for Selected Public Authorities in Bermuda: Access to Information Legislation Implementation Assessment Tool (IAT) June 2020

Commissioner Gutierrez encourages every member of the public to become better informed citizens: learn about your PATI rights, and put your rights to use.