Website data usage: is intended to provide information about the activities of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Its purpose is not to collect data from you.

This website may collect a minimum amount of data as you browse, such as where you are located geographically, what site linked you to ours, or other details. We have tried to design it using the most minimal settings on our hosting platform. Our goal is for the site to collect no more data than is necessary for it to technically function.

Information provided to the ICO:

When you communicate to the ICO, such as by emailing us, the ICO may make a record of your identity and the nature of your communication. This helps us to respond to a request, conduct a review, or track statistics.

The PATI Act requires the ICO to safeguard the confidentiality of (potential) PATI requesters. Also, section 34 of the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 requires the ICO to keep any personal information confidential except as necessary to perform tasks. The ICO believes in collecting, using and disclosing only the minimum amount of information necessary to perform our duties.

Links and social media: contains links to other sites, for instance other public entities’ sites and social media sites. Those websites have their own privacy policies which may be different from the one stated here. If you choose to follow those links, remember to check those sites’ privacy notices.


If you have questions about the ICO’s privacy notice, email us at (put ‘ICO privacy notice’ in the subject line).