LaKai Dill

Acting Deputy Information Commissioner

Ms. LaKai Dill joined the ICO as an Investigation Officer in March 2020. She is currently the Acting Deputy Information Commissioner and the ICO’s Information Officer.

She served almost 7 years at the Bermuda Ombudsman’s office under the first and second appointees, as research support in a temporary role initially and later returning as an Investigations Officer.

Ms. Dill is experienced in resolving complaints about the public sector through informal approaches and investigations. She enjoys supporting small teams with enhancing efficiencies, by drawing on her skills in mapping out processes, trouble-shooting, organising and developing resources. She is driven to contribute to the growth of Bermuda’s accountability branch.

As an undergrad, Ms. Dill studied international relations in Puebla, Mexico. She then interned at Ghana’s hybrid ombudsman and human rights institution for six months in their Cape Coast office. A treasured accomplishment was publishing an article in Latin American Policy, based on her undergraduate dissertation on Black identity politics in Mexico. On returning to Bermuda, Ms. Dill earned a graduate degree in special education with teacher training—a programme she began while working with a local youth development charity. Recently, she completed an online postgraduate certificate in dispute resolution, tailored for ombuds and other complaints professionals.