Judicial Reviews

Information Commissioner v Attorney General [2023] CA (Bda) 6 Civ (24 March 2023)
Attorney General v Information Commissioner [2022] SC (Bda) 6 Civ (25 January 2022)

Legislation History & Background

PATI Discussion Paper (2005)
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) Letter to Premier (2006)
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) Letter to His Excellency the Governor (2008)
PATI Act Consultation Draft (2009)
Guide to the PATI Consultation Draft (2009)
Article 19 Submission on the PATI Draft Bill (2009)
United Bermuda Party (UBP) Submission – PATI Draft Bill Consultation (2009)
Centre for Law and Democracy – Bermuda: Statement on the PATI Bill (2010)
PATI Bill – Second Reading, Bermuda House of Assembly, Official Hansard Report (2010)
The Round Table – The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs: Good Governance and Bermuda’s Public Access to Information Act (2015)