The PATI Act gives requesters a right to have the Information Commissioner review any decision (or failure to decide) made by the head of the public authority on an internal review. Following an investigation, the Information Commissioner may issue a decision, which is legally enforceable in the same manner as an order of the Supreme Court. The Information Commissioner seeks to resolve or narrow issues between the parties when possible and consistent with the rights under the PATI Act.

​The Information Commissioner’s Decisions are published below. Requesters are not identified.

If you wish to look at a public authority’s records that the Commissioner has ordered be disclosed, contact the public authority directly. You may refer to the public authority’s PATI request number and the Commissioner’s Decision. The ICO does not disclose public authorities’ records on their behalf, either during the Commissioner’s review or at the conclusion of her investigation.

Statistics of applications for review received, as of 28 February 2023

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*The ‘Closed: Decided’ category count does not match the number of decisions issued. Decision 14/2019 addressed two separate, but related, cases.
Any Decision under judicial review is marked below by “**”.

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Decision No Public Authority Description Outcome Date PATI Acts/Sections
02/2023 Ministry of Social Development & Seniors Headquarters Report on misconduct allegations For public authority 28 February 2023 s. 16(1)(a)
01/2023 Ministry of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Reform Headquarters Report on misconduct allegations Partially upheld 28 February 2023 s. 13(5), s. 16(1)(a)
34/2022 Office of the Governor Correspondence with the Commissioner of Police For public authority 30 December 2022 s. 21, s. 23(1), s. 24
33/2022 Bermuda Gaming Commission Commissioners’ meeting minutes Partially upheld 30 December 2022 s. 16(1)(e), s. 21, s. 23, s. 24, s. 25, s. 26, s. 29, s. 30, s. 31, s. 34, s. 36(a)
32/2022 Bermuda Gaming Commission Records on finances, third party agreements and a consultant Partially upheld 30 December 2022 s. 16(1)(a), s. 23, s. 24, s. 26, s. 30(1)(b), s. 35
31/2022 Bermuda Gaming Commission Local betting shop records Partially upheld 29 December 2022 s. 23, s. 24, s. 29, s. 35(1)
30/2022 Bermuda Gaming Commission Records of communications with the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee Partially upheld 21 December 2022 s. 21, s. 23(1), s. 24, s. 31, s. 37(1), s. 4
29/2022 Ministry of Finance Headquarters Failure to decide For applicant 19 December 2022 s. 43(2)
28/2022 Cabinet Office Records related to Savvy Entertainment Limited Partially upheld 16 December 2022 s. 12(2)(b), s. 23(1), s. 34(1)(a), s. 34(1)(c)
27/2022 Office of the Governor Records of appointment Partially upheld 17 November 2022 s. 12(2)(b), s. 17
26/2022 Department of Immigration Records related to British Overseas Territory Citizen application For applicant 28 October 2022 s. 12(2)(b)
25/2022 Department of Public Lands & Buildings Tudor Farm records Partially upheld 26 October 2022 s. 12(2)(b)
24/2022 Department of Education Personal information records and school complaint policies Partially upheld 07 October 2022 s. 16(1)(a)
23/2022 Ministry of Economy & Labour Headquarters Failure to decide For applicant 29 August 2022 s. 43(2)
22/2022 Office of the Parliamentary Registrar General election records Partially upheld 26 August 2022 s. 16(1)(a), s. 23(1), s. 37(1)
21/2022 Office of the Governor Employment settlement agreement For public authority 23 August 2022 s. 4
20/2022 Department of Public Lands & Buildings Title deeds of Tudor Farm For public authority 05 August 2022 s. 16(1)(a)
19/2022 Department of Communications Failure to decide For applicant 03 August 2022 s. 43(2)
18/2022 Ministry of Health Headquarters Records related to payment agreement Partially upheld 03 August 2022 s. 23(1), s. 24, s. 25(1)(c), s. 27(1)(a), s. 27(1)(c), s. 27(1)(d), s. 28(1), s. 30(1)(c), s. 37(1), s. 4(1)(b)(vi)
17/2022 Customs Department Failure to decide For applicant 06 June 2022 s. 43(2)
133 Results found Results per page Page 1 of 7